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Why Would I Call?


Call as a sign of strength and resilience as you seek to bridge life’s path when:

  • You wonder if there is any help for you. You question yourself and face self doubt about who you are and where you are headed. You may become depressed and anxious.

  • You have lost a loved one and life itself seems so difficult to bear.

  • You have felt betrayed and forgiveness gets swallowed up in anger and hurt. 

  • You and your partner’s communication seem lost and there is that resulting wall of loneliness, hurt, and misunderstanding.

  • You and your child cannot talk the way you used to and there is that silent stalemate in which you fear the worst.

  • That job no longer fits you; you know you are not in the right place but put off identifying and using your best gifts in a new position.

  • You care for an aging loved one whose memory is lapsing but both of you are anxious even fearful to discuss it because of what that might mean.

  • You have divorced and now find yourself perplexed by what you really need in this new chapter of your life.

  • You have sought happiness in a number of relationships and such has eluded you. Again and again.

  • You have faced a number of difficult transitions before but this one is different and you are not sure why or what to do.

  • You and your faith is both challenged even questioned by what you face.

  • You’ve got a major life decision to make and everyone’s got an opinion so strong they just don’t really listen to you.

  • You say to yourself nobody has ever been in a situation just like mine and you wonder...


You and your life situation are unique and you deserve a good hearing. You need to be able to hear yourself while experiencing support.


Most real change comes in that context in hearing oneself and being heard.


Bridgepath is a place where that can occur.

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