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Bridge over a River

About Bridgepath, Inc.


Relationships which are established in harmony with that which is greater than us help set the context and tone for our being grounded within ourselves and our bodies as well as bonded with others.


Like the spokes securely tracing their way from hub to circumference can facilitate the wheel’s readiness for the journey, our bodies, thinking, feelings, social connections, cultural connections and spirituality when unified equips us to live confidently as we play in tune with our core and utilize it to see and connect with the core of others. We call this experience connecting soul to soul.


Our Mission


The mission of Bridgepath is to support the formation of peace within all of who we are so that we together help change the world one relationship at a time.

What We Provide


Bridgepath offers (1) the bridge for internal and external connection and (2) the pathway for persons to journey toward wholeness, purpose,  direction, empowerment, fulfillment and hope giving to the world. Resources are clinical services, education and supervision, and consultation, which are provided in keeping with HIPPA and the state licensure ethical standards of our health care professionals.

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