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Healing Touch

Schedule of Upcoming Events

To register for a class, go to this website,  and click on the Classes tab to find a schedule of all classes offered by Healing Touch Program.  Follow the instructions to look up a class of your choosing and register for the class.

Healing Touch Testimonials

"As a DCIS patient I turned to Healing Touch to help me through my second surgery and recovery.

After my first Healing Touch treatment I realized how this works.

We live in a world of excess. Daily schedules packed with intensity, stress and responsibility, work, home, relationships, heavy foods, loud music, physical health concerns, etc…

It seems to me that Healing Touch scientifically is a no-brainer. It is so simple, it works on the body as a whisper is to the ears. When someone whispers our hearing perks up and listens. A Healing Touch treatment allows the physical body to open up, listen and respond.

During my very first treatment I felt the tension melt away. The gentle touch or almost-touch was so light and focused that my sensitivity was heightened. The short term result was an immediate feeling of renewed energy and balance.

We know that stress can cause disease therefore the release of that stress must certainly prevent disease. The release of stress combined with an overall heightened sensitivity is sure to allow the immune system to function at its best. I believe this will assist me in recovery from the health issues I am facing and renew my body’s ability to heal from within."

Thank you, Jean, so much for what you do. - 

"KV was a young woman who was pregnant with her 2nd child but experiencing the possible loss of her much loved and wanted baby due to placenta previa, causing bleeding and premature contractions. She entered the hospital at 28 weeks gestation. At her request, HT sessions were begun and continued as needed throughout her admission. Her contractions and bleeding stopped and she was able to carry the baby to 35 weeks. The baby only stayed in NICU over night and both mom and baby were released from the hospital in good health."

"NG was a young woman who had a tracheotomy and was on a ventilator. She was having difficulty being weaned from the vent. At her request and with the support of her family, HT sessions were offered on at least 3 occasions. The patient did so well, she was able to completely by-pass rehab and go straight home on a collared vent which she needed to use only periodically. Her family was convinced that HT had greatly contributed to her “turn around.”

"PB was a middle-aged woman who had broken her shoulder and collar bone and was in so much pain that none of the pain meds she had been given were helping. A nurse on the floor had heard that there was a HT person in house and called to make a referral with the patient’s consent. Her pain was so great she could not stand to be touched. HT was administered off the body, and her pain level went from a 10+ to a 7 on a 0 to 10 pain scoring scale with 10 being the worst pain. Later that evening her pain was completely relieved and she was discharged the next morning pain free."

"MC was a middle-aged man who was experiencing a gall bladder attack just before he was to board a cruise ship. At his request HT methods were administered and within 20 minutes he was pain free and has experienced no further problems."

"MS was a 2-year-old who laid his hand on a very hot oven door while his dad was removing fresh-baked cookies. HT was immediately administered to his hand which relieved the pain, and he had no blistering."

"SB was an older woman who had complications from a previous surgery. She was on a vent, exhibiting severe anxious behaviors, and in restraints due to her compromised mental condition. At the request of her family, HT sessions were offered. Her mental condition greatly improved, the restraints were removed, and she was able to tolerate some additional needed surgery."

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